While design-build is frequently used to expedite capital projects, Tesco Controls, Inc. (TESCO) applies this approach to deliver feature-rich control systems. We have a track-record of successful partnering on projects, including both greenfield and legacy migration control system deployments.

Design-Build Philosophy

TESCO’s design-build philosophy is to work with our partners and clients to provide the best system for the client. This includes not only the initial capital cost, but the long-term cost of ownership, the solution’s reliability and effectiveness, as well as ensuring public health and safety. Our expertise and knowledge as a technology partner can minimize the risks of schedule delays, system failures, and cost overruns.

Water/Wastewater Focus

TESCO’s time tested, field-proven experience supports informed decisions and priorities for performance management, security, integration, business continuity and regulatory compliance. TESCO’s employee-owners are experienced in designing systems that meet the challenges and complexities of water/wastewater projects. Unlike standard plant installations, water/wastewater design and deployment must take telemetry, advanced communications, regulatory compliance, and security into design considerations – as well as the vital role control systems play in ensuring public health and safety.


  • Physical site investigations
  • Full system assessments
  • Planning services
  • Constructability reviews
  • Value engineering services
  • Network infrastructure & control system design services

Choose TESCO for your next design-build project opportunity and experience first-hand the synergy that is possible when best-in-class organizations work together to achieve world-class solutions.

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